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Full text of "[Letter to] My very dear friend [manuscript]"

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C/d*---trv~^ n/ ^ 

t/Vly ro-^^r (AA--&^/ -sjnr LZ -y^.c'C- •' 

-Tjz^-^cLt^jui^ H~f- xsV . C7 7 , x/ytv^iA^cLc^rA-^ L<§-^/ , 

&Li* clsiy. CK, 1£aZ> ^JLycLe-^j <x^-*C f^n^^y ^wt^> jhra-y^ 

~-t-t/v>-y A\s4—- syv*^c^y r\£~-^~^ c*^ st^yrK, aC^*r\ — *x^v^ cry — A/?>-^t/>W 

s$-Ji*T~ c^r^^i 


/6i^€^ rJLsr-^ / l^o /ks {/YcaIs -iryvy^j 4\*s>~^V*^J \ C*T'- l£X ' 

/I ' 

I tr , -TZ7 


■^CThJLj -^,oa^-*vvi/ ^o-^-e^y^f sCfcaAl^ ^/^c^^e-^ s&jlj*^-^, d-4-^xj£Zs &f 




%J C' Guv^e- -^n-irv^ C/Ust~+~4 . J/V-w/^ *-/ C^^r^r^r^^ e^v~-+\^ t*S^&!^ 


C^UL^-%yy ,'CcT 'falsi < / C*r^r c*-^s-y £-<y-v>'W>~«-wC*) c±st*-+sv*sj <<*^/L<r^> ^^~i^ 

^T&C»>*s^~-y 7w*V^>v-*^^ 6^~ Cvn^^-f -«^ *^v~ !t^J«-^»^ vf^/fc*^ 



<rs~Q>t*/fCf /C<r~ ,-^t^>-A_ w cA^-^^-t^-^ /Ci <£xs~ C'*—' 

,-<u«a*~ c^-y^fC^ /^« ^i>- £.-£_, *«-^ /^/« 


C-t'wCfVy -/C«-v~«^ GL<r>^a^ iCtsllAa*. t/Y~ SK, 6^-C<^L^^ ya % 

-^f -Ut-<»^^«— ^<l -^-&-Wv^ <6fciLj .■^y7\yr^C<_^ sd-X-B-T^^f C*JC^~-v1 ty — ^-tt/Zc-jO 

/ ?K v y » C^fcuAz /i-r/vv l*~*~AJLs o- e- c^v-yCc^-vwy ^Tvo 1 ^ £fc*/Cttxs^j - 

'yi 'f^t^Cr <y^/yM i*^AJLs o- c. t~*j~i^-jCo~~y~y 

Ct^yr^ /C-c-v--' 

&/ /v-«*-vv<L^ c*-^l-*i *-€_*-'vw ,^i^w%^txC<VV £d~~~ C*A\*-*~^\s <?^/ 

c/jLx~> / l-<~ sC^risis^Al tuA^-S^t l/ ci^-»->-^ <*^*^ asv^Xj*./ C^ e^-<-~ 



JCn^JL^. ffcs ClsS-^ /V~«-^7» V^CLVf^ <€c~~ \J.<nr- 

<s£-W A^sfeiu^A^ a4~SLO-*sK> C^^/WCC^r-f of^ ffcZ, -/&^£X<^-T^VW 

^Ct^r^v^y, a^^\^ cr/r^a^^- /^Lt-w-vO /ysi>~^ 4ybZZ~^j